Educational Television provides a complete production service from brief to distribution. Using the latest digital technologies we support every stage of production, from concept to distribution.

During pre production we work in partnership with our clients to consolidate the brief and develop a script. We use the latest software including Final Draft to structure the program, define scenes, draft voiceover and dialogue. We test and where necessary pilot scenes, establish work flows, identify locations, cast roles, schedule and staff production.

ETV provides a complete production service, working in standard or high definition, uncompressed audio and full spectrum lighting support. Our experienced cinematographers and audio specialists ensure maximum value returns from every moment during production. Our directors work to client requirements, demanding realistic and authentic performances from actors. ETV produces all video, graphic and audio material in digital formats.

Like the pre production and production stages, post production is completed in a fully digitised environment. Voice, music and effects, including ADR are incorporated in accordance with quality requirements. Post production moves through stages from rough cut, audio mix and color balancing to master in cooperation with clients.

ETV offers support in the replication/duplication of DVD and/or the preparation of programs for broadcast, web or cinema release.

Clients include state government, Kraft, Australian National Training Authority, Victorian Commercial Teacher’s Association, McMillan Australasia, Video Education Australasia, Infant Massage Australia, Southern Health, Warrandyte Festival Committee.

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