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Water Management in Australia
Management in Action
From Concept to Profit
Pathways to Health
Working with IT



Behind the Screens (18 mins DVD and booklet $85.00. Series $145)
Operations management requires the coordination of parts, people, plant and process. How is this done in service industries? This program reveals the answer as the management of Village, a major Australian exhibitor explains how films are selected, scheduled, assembled and projected and the outcomes that are key to profitable operations. It also deals with the question of technological change, especially digital technology, and the new operational issues that arise. Top

Storm Brewing (30 mins DVD and booklet $85.00.)
The Australian brewing industry was cashed up and self satisfied when storms of change swept across it. First in the 1980s when new owners stripped its assets, then again in the 1990s when changes in consumer preferences disrupted the brand loyalty cemented in each Australian state since the 1940s. Boutique beers, micro breweries and diversity of styles and flavours proved enormously challenging to the Australian duopoly. This program first explains how brewery managers coordinate the necessary parts, labour, plant and processes to achieve the results they want, then examines how management coped with the waves of change, and how these external changes influenced their brewing operations. Top



Open for Business (15 mins DVD and worksheets)
A good idea, enthusiastic attitude and breadth of skills are pre requisites for successful small business success, but are they enough? In this program a young group establishes a new organic café/grocery store on the edge of Melbourne. They have completed a comprehensive plan, accessed the necessary finance, and referenced the latest trends in the industry evident in Europe. See them build and open their store ‘Gynko’ in Warrandyte. Top

Taking Care of Business (15 mins DVD and worksheets)
If a small business is going to fail, most likely it will do so in the first twelve months of operation. In this program we investigate the reasons why a veterinary practice in the small seaside town of Point Lonsdale survived the threats of the first year, and grew its profits in succeeding years. Top

Planning For Growth (15 mins DVD and worksheets)
Athlegen, manufacturer of medical furniture such as massage tables, was already a sizeable enterprise on the edge of Ballarat Victoria when it agreed to merge with a larger company. The offer sent management back to basics as they developed a new strategic plan with growth as the central aim. Yhios program explains why and how they developed new strategies and examines some of the issues facing the company on the eve of its ‘next big adventure.’ Top



The Need to Know (19 mins DVD and booklet)
A sporting club struggles to satisfy the data collection requirements of its major race days. Competitors are disgruntled due to long delays. The old card based system is slow to build on race day and results are announced long after races are completed. Thankfully one of the committee members has designed a new information system, but it will take time and training to implement. Find out how the club manages these all too common dilemmas and what it tells us about the nature and importance of information systems. Top

Software Solutions (21 mins DVD and booklet)
If an information system is to be effective and efficient it needs the right software to power it. Much can be achieved using off the shelf software. Sometimes even this has to be modified and adapted to suit the objectives of an organization. But this is not as easy as it sounds, as the experience at RMIT University and Telstra Dome clearly show. When the Australian taxation office needed to build a new portal for its Goods and Services Tax collection procedure it took a measured approach to design, testing and implementation. Top

Getting Connected (20 mins DVD and worksheets)
Mobile telephony has impacted on many aspects of modern life be it social, business or political activity. This program explains the basic elements of a mobile telephone system, issues arising from service contracts, the structure and profitability of service operations in Australia and the impact of the technology on our behaviour. Top



Pathways to Health (22 mins DVD and booklet)
Medical science has delivered huge advances in health management, but health professionals everywhere are frustrated by the rise of preventable disease. The challenge of maintaining a healthy weight is a major concern in the twenty-first century. Rising rates of obesity condemn populations to serious health issues and compound the treatment of other diseases. The Be Active Eat Well project, staffed mainly by volunteers, and focusing on interventions amongst primary school age children shows how effective a community based public health program can be. Top

Be Active Eat Well Strategies and Findings (19 mins DVD)
Summarises a health promotion project funded by the Victorian State government and overseen by Deakin University over a three year period. The project called ‘Be Active Eat Well’ was a major population study, targeting children up to age twelve. It tested a range of interventions – both dietary and exercise – designed to reduce the increase in obesity rates in the target group. This program summarises the aims, methods and outcomes of the project.Top



Out of the Blue (30 mins DVD and booklet)
In 2006 the entire east Coast of Australia was in drought. Water shortage gripped major cities and populations faced the real prospect that their dams would run dry. How do people behave in such circumstances, what choices do they make? In this program we examine the plan to build the world’s largest reverse osmosis desalination plant South of Wonthaggi, on the Bass Coast of Victoria. Watch as the community demands answers from a government reluctant to share information and determined not to be caght short of a precious resource at the next election. Top

Fresh Water Solutions (8 mins DVD)
What ways other than desalination can a city find to deliver potable water to residents. Top

Waves of Dissent (8 mins DVD and booklet)
A shorter version of Out of the Blue. Top

The politics of Water (60 mins DVD)
An overview of the politics of water from a community, state and national perspective. Includes a critical analysis of policies and implementation. Release date to be confirmedTop